Costume National 21

To me, this doesnt smell white at all.
A color that comes to mind is medium brown.

From Costume National’s product page for 21:

Created to celebrate the 21st anniversary of the maison, 21 is a harmony of pure and mysterious elements blended to create a strong, energetic and sensual character.

Perfect mix of luxury and simplicity, 21 is a balance of white pureness and deep mystery, the most intriguing contrast.

Its starts out very smooth and milky, like there is a rich, thick sandalwood involved. A dash of spicy cinnamon as well claiming to be saffron, hints of anise. A peppery caraway note comes in after about 30 minutes ala Cartier’s Pasha.
There are elements of vanilla and tonka roaming around that also remind me of Hanae Mori’s HM EDP. I tried on the HM EDP side by side and its not as close as I thought, but there is a passing resemblance, however CN 21 smells much more natural.

I’d like to say its Pasha meets HM, but its not.
There is a thick, dark patchouli and vanilla that ends this concoction, which is Juliet Karagueuzoglou’s signature.

Interesting, a bit weird, but still wearable if you can handle Caraway popping out for about an hour in the mid.

IMO this is not a Woody Floral Musk. If anything its an Oriental Woody or Oriental Spicy.
This would be a risky proposition for work situations since it is quite tenacious, and not clean smelling to appeal to the masses.
Longevity is very good. Best suited for cool evenings. Casual.

It would have received higher marks if the vanilla and caraway were scaled back and some good quality sandalwood added to keep the milky texture going throughout.
To me, the milky tone is what makes this fragrance unique, too bad its only in the top notes for 30 minutes.

Weird, wearable but not white.

  • 6/10
    Fragrance - 6/10
  • 8/10
    Performance - 8/10


If smelling like a warm, spicy, sweet beverage is your thing, give 21 a shot.

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