Guerlain Homme L’eau Boisee

This was one of my first blind buys after entering the fragrance game.
I was still in the “fresh” phase, but still trying to branch out to try new things.
This one was a little of both at that time.

The notes intrigued me, who doesnt like lime, right?

I made the relatively low price purchase from BeautyEncounter for about $40 for a retail box at the time, and received a wood capped bottle.
I sprayed it on and immediately said “Wow!” during the opening.

This is what comes to mind as an initial impression:

You just walked out onto the patio.
Its a fresh smashed lime with a dewy morning grass freshness. It smells like the sun has just risen over the trees on a new day.
Thats refreshing!

This does calm down quite a bit, and we’re moving onto a more level headed, smoother freshness (if that makes sense).
This is probably the rum, but its not spicy, or brown, but its used here to level things out a bit. I wouldn’t call it boozy by any means.

The vetiver starts to ramp up, and you can definitely smell it through the freshness after about 30 minutes of wearing.
Its not the vetiver from Sycomore or Encre Noire, but a more tamed vetiver, its smoother, only slightly smoked, but very lively.

The base is very much vetiver and a dash of wood (Iso-e Super) with very little citrus left.
If it werent for the Iso-e Super, this scent would likely have only half of its longevity.
The cedar like Iso-e Super is barely detectable and well integrated.

I think Thierry Wasser did a fine job on this one. Its easy to wear daily without getting tired of it.
You can wear it casually or to the office.
Its one of the vetivers you can wear anywhere, I even wear this in the winter occasionally to work as a pick-me-up when I yearn for spring.

4 sprays to the neck gets me about 7 hours before it really falls off.
Almost enough for a work day, but once you get to the vetiver and wear it for 6 hours, I think thats enough for me.
I usually want to wear something with a darker character at night if the evening calls for it.

This flanker will likely suffer the same fate as the original L’eau, so if you’re waiting to buy this, dont wait too long or a great scent like this will pass you by.

  • 9/10
    Fragrance - 9/10
  • 5.5/10
    Performance - 5.5/10


An easy wearing citrus vetiver that turns woody by the end. A solid daily wearer with enough detail to keep it interesting. Fairly average longevity.

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