Pal Zileri Viaggio D’Africa

Warm, inviting. Practical and minimalist.
Pal Zileri’s Viaggio d’Africa is a treat for the senses and wallet.

The main notes I get from this are Tonka, Vetiver, Brown Wood and Iris.

If I were to deconstruct this scent into a recipe it would be:

6 Parts Toasted Tonka Bean
3 Parts Vetiver Root
2 Parts Iris
1 Part Brown Wood (Guaiac Wood without the smoke/tar)

There is more to it, the overall construction gives a “toasted” feel. It is not smoky however.
Its nutty, and its roasted, as opposed to other reviews I’ve read, likening it to desert sands.
In my opinion this is not dry enough to feel sandy, but it is smooth, like talcum powder between your fingers, with a few grains of sand mixed in.

It starts out with a puff of floral, likely jasmine, but its very fleeting, and the iris takes its place quickly
You’re also presented with a nutty tonka bean, it smells roasted to me, similar to roasted chestnuts, unique!

However this scent lacks heat, if anything the iris gives it a cooling edge.
The vetiver is well done, and likely of the Haitian variety. Its not bitter and its not overbearing. It becomes more apparent after about 12 hours, mingling with the notes more as the iris drops after 4-6 hours.
Late dry down, the vetiver and woody note combine to give it a granulated feel.

You have a few contrasts here to keep it interesting, sweet and nutty from the tonka bean, edge from the vetiver, roasted feel from the wood, and a cool smoothness from the iris.
Its inviting for sure and entertaining for a linear scent.

Perfect for many fall and winter occasions, day or night.
Summer evening with a cool breeze near a lake or river would fit right in as well.
Safe for work, likable. Easy to wear. Too much in the heat.

Lasts on me around 9-10 hours with a mere 2 sprays.
A great buy for under $60. The quality is there.

  • 7.5/10
    Fragrance - 7.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Performance - 8.5/10


A nutty and sweet vetiver fragrance with good balance and performance.

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