Cartier Declaration Cologne

If you love citrus and ginger, Cartier’s Declaration Cologne may offer an alternative to other popular scents.

This is a simple, well executed summer scent that wont break the bank.
It starts out with a smooth citrus note, a combination of juicy mandarin, lemons and limes.

The ginger rushes in with a bit of cardamom sweetness, followed by a light white floral note of jasmine.
It dries down to a smooth white musk, lingering citrus, and a hint of cedar similar Dior Homme Sport.
No spicy notes to speak of.

It performs well for a “Cologne” even though its an EDT.
The citrus and bracing ginger lasts for a few hours, the weak white musk lingers at the end.

Its an easy to love fragrance for the summer thats pleasant, satisfying, and refreshing.
Could be used for office and casual wear in the warmer spring and summer months.

A nice find, and a little off the beaten path.
Declaration Cologne is in the same family as Dior Homme Sport 2008, Chanel Allure Homme Sport Cologne Sport and Dior Homme Cologne 2013.

  • 7/10
    Fragrance - 7/10
  • 4/10
    Performance - 4/10


A simple, clean and refreshing musky citrus aromatic full of good intentions despite its poor longevity.

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