Carven Homme

Carven Homme may be one of the most under appreciated scents in modern perfumery.

With that said, lets break it all down.

Upon first spay there is a tingling, energetic juniper berry with bergmot, its gives a zesty start then it swept a way fast with a slap-in-the-face lavender.
Its a refreshing slap for sure, its a woody lavender, that lacks the brightness that would scare some guys away, its definitely a masculine start.
After about 2 minutes of 3 sprays total, in the other room, about 50 feet away with no air circulation, my girlfriend proclaims “He smells good!”

It does smell amazing at the start, as long as you like a good shot of classy, barbershop lavender.
It gets better!

Once the scent starts to settle in the spices come to the front, I mostly get a nutmeg and cinnamon combo.
There is a complimentary set of notes of rich sandalwood and vanilla. The vanilla isnt sweet, and its of the perfect amount to give this scent a classy smooth elegant feel.

During the mid notes, there is a passing resemblance to Prada’s Amber Pour Homme Intense, where a dark patchouli note mixes with labdanum.
Its quite rich and smooth at the same time.

The dry down after about 6 hours consists of a rich sandalwood and vanilla combination with a slightly musky tobacco that is barely detectable.

If you havent smelled Carven’s Homme, you can piece it together in your mind if you’ve smelled Guerlain’s Heritage Vintage EDT (Vanilla/Guerlainade) , Chanel’s Egoiste (Sandalwood/Spices) and Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense (Patchouli/Labdanum).

it really takes the best parts of those scents and brings it all together in one very affordable package.
Speaking of the packaging, its awful.
A cheap, unhinged clamshell with another plastic sleeve.
Luckily this brand spent a large majority of the budget on the fragrance materials and bottle design.

Perfect scent for the colder months, dressed up in a suit or dressed down in khakis and a sweater this scent will fit in many situations.
I’ve had this scent last on me for over 24 hours when mixing sprays under the shirt and the neck, but skin only its a little on the light side. Bombastic start and a cozy, close finish lasting around 8 hours total.
The atomizer is more of a light spritzer, so if you’re typically a 3 spray wearer, this one may take 5.

Not a safe blind buy unless you appreciate the type of classic scents mentioned above.
Men over 30 will likely appreciate this scent more than the young guys.

Its a discontinued scent that certainly deserves the stamp of one of the 90’s best.

The classic gentleman meets the modern man.

High marks.

  • 9/10
    Fragrance - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Performance - 8/10


A grand woody spicy that borrows from some of the 90s best fragrances. Excellent balance and harmonious complexity. A must try for woody spicy lovers. Tops in the genre.

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