Comme des Garcons Wonderwood

Its taken quite a few wears of this fragrance to understand what it is.
Comme des Garcons has put together a cocktail of different types of wood without allowing one wood type to scream over the others.

I get Cedar, Sandalwood, Oud or Agarwood, a pinch of crushed Cypress and shake of white pepper.

To start all of these notes are present in equal quantity, its an orchestra of wood.
I’ve read many of its reviews around the internet, and some question Oud’s presence, and I can say its definitely there, more in the opening than the mid. Its earthy, peppered and wet.
I best can describe it as smelling a newly sawed forest of all of these types of wood, and getting close to the light, fluffy sawdust pile.
The live forest is still there in the background. This composition is not fully dry, there is still an element of earth involved.

It dries down to a Tam Dao like Cedar and Sandalwood split, but more masculine than Tam Dao.
The only big downer about this composition is the base. It’s a bit “huffy” and rough with ISO-E Super.

Clean and contained enough for office environments, friendly enough for company, and solid wear once the temperatures in your climate start to decline for fall and winter.

Its likable, and easy to enjoy.

Comme des Garcons did a great job here, the only thing lacking is longevity.

I get about 6-7 hours on a moderate application, typical for the reserved house of Comme des Garcons.

  • 7.5/10
    Fragrance - 7.5/10
  • 6.5/10
    Performance - 6.5/10


Solid, but a bit muddled from the overload of woody notes. Wood, and not much else.

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