Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Mokha

A fun scent!

Quite sweet, opens with a sugary blast of Vanilla, Raspberries and Coffee.
This interpretation is smooth and sweet at the same time.
No bitter coffee at all, its a rich, somewhat warming dessert beverage.

You must enjoy sweet fragrances to like this one.

Its longevity is quite good at 9 hours and it does project quite a bit for 4-5 hours.
3 Sprays was pretty overwhelming, and it was projecting about 4-5 feet for the first 2 hours.
2 sprays under the shirt next time.

It settles into a mostly vanilla mix with a dash of coffee.
The aroma of coffee is always there, but never the star.
The star is the composition and the aura of sweetness.

Its a fairly linear, so what you get to start will mostly be there in the end, other than the raspberry, which fades after 1-2 hours.

What other scent is this similar to? ScentStory’s 24 Gold without the dirty Oud/Amber mix.
Vanille Mokha is a cleaner, smoother, better composed scent.
Still slightly feminine, but certainly wearable in most indoor settings. Easy on the trigger.

As with most very sweet scents, they can be a pleasure to others and offensive, so versatility is limited.
Casual, cozy settings in cold weather would be best suited for this.

I think it smells like this dessert: Vanilla and Raspberry Iced Coffee.

  • 5/10
    Fragrance - 5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Performance - 8.5/10


A maddeningly sweet fragrance and a bear to wear.

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