Gucci Pour Homme II

Gucci Pour Homme II may not be in the top 10 scents I own, but it certainly has its place in my lineup.

Its a chameleon, as its morphs back and forth between the top, mid and base notes throughout the life of the wearing.
Its versatile, casual and office friendly, it could even work for a date.
Originally when I began testing this scent I ordered a sample along with Gucci Pour Homme 2003.
I fell for Gucci Pour Homme 2003 and cast off Gucci Pour Homme 2, as the sample smelled like violet, musk with some cinnamon, it was missing an edge.

I read a lot of reviews and give it another look recently at Sephora from a full bottle.
I drove home from work and was greeted with a “You smell good.” from my girlfriend who was laying on the couch.
This was about 1 hour after spraying it and about 2 sprays to the wrist.

The scent is very nice from the full bottle, the Tea and Violet meld together very well to the point where I think the violet should be a mid note, not a top note because I feel its presence for a very long time.
I definitely get a sense of Tobacco hovering in the back ground, not in the forefront like the original Polo.
No Myrrh, and I think the edge comes from the Tobacco, not the Pimento.
There is a certain ripeness about it, as if the tea has been steeping in a hot steam bath for a few hours with the violet leaf and cinnamon.

When wearing this, I catch quite a whiff of it for 6-8 hours. I know there are beefs with longevity out of this one, but I dont see it. It does stay fairly close, pretty quick, but it does last as a personal fragrance with body heat.

I couldnt call it linear because it does bounce back and forth between the 3 notes, but it certainly does not progress and morph like other top scents on the market.
It is a treat worth revisiting, and im glad I did.

  • 8/10
    Fragrance - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Performance - 6/10


A fiery, aromatic, spicy fragrance thats irresistible as a dumb reach despite its limited sillage.

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