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Dont let the “For Women” tag fool you, Barista is a unisex coffee based scent that leaves all others in the genre behind.

It starts out with a sweetened aroma of roasted coffee beans and frothy cappuccino. Its a blast, as if you walked into a coffee shop that sells pastries with their coffee selections.
The coffee is being brewed, its dark brown, toasty and freshly ground. There are different coffee forms floating around here, brewed and ground.
There is a light white floral here as well from the start, but very fleeting, it lasts maybe 20 minutes.
Once the scent settles in its all about the roasted dark coffee, still with some sweetness, but its not too sweet, just a hint of sugar in the cup of java.
A few hours in there is a slight woodiness with the coffee that may appeal to more men than women, you could say this is the table you’re sitting at.
The closest I can compare this scent to in every day life is a finished cup of sweetened coffee in a diner.
Its more complex than that, but it should give you a good idea of how realistic this is.

Worth seeking out if you’re looking for a coffee-centric creation. Most of the scents out there claim to have coffee, but usually end up disappointing you.
The only other one I’ve smelled where coffee is detectable from start to finish is Comptoir Sud Pacifique’s Vanille Mohka, but that is significantly sweeter than Barista.
My girlfriend said: “I think your cologne is making me hungry.”

I would say this is pretty versatile, you could wear it to the office in the cooler months, Fall, Winter, Spring. Put this away for temps above 50.
It performs like an EDT the first 2 hours, with a lot of projection from few sprays, and like an EDP over the next 8. It radiates with body heat so spray under the collar out of the cold air.
2 sprays is enough, this one is quite rich, and could be cloying even in winter time with more sprays than that.
Its very persistent with its longevity, so keeping this away from your face may give the best results over the 8+ hours it lasts.

Great value for a niche creation @ $70-$80 USD.
I searched for months, across many brands to find a true to life coffee, Barista was the final attempt. I certainly saved the best for last.
Thierry Bellet did a masterful job with this, and it deserves high praise and more attention in the gourmand sector of the community.









  • 8/10
    Fragrance - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Performance - 8/10


A rare bird. A fragrance that promises coffee and delivers in vivid, realistic fashion. Solid.

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