Mancera Aoud Cafe

The image of this scent provided by Mancera would lead you to believe this is a dark, finely ground, sparkling coffee scent.

From start to finish its more sweets than it is coffee.

It opens with a sweet peach and bright bergamot.
This lasts about a minute.

The coffee note begins to come through but the sweet peach persists for a while and the bergamot fades to the back.
The coffee is authentic, but there is no depth to it like a freshly ground coffee bean.
Its quite sheer, like glass, its smooth, not grainy.

The sweet peach hands off to a rock candy note, and this is where is gets sticky and weird.
As the sweets emerge, the coffee begins to fade to the back, and you’re left with a overly sweet, “candied something” fragrance.

A little bit of musk in there gives it a little mystery, but this one lacks any creativity in my mind.
Its really summed up in the picture below, you’re in a white room, not in a cafe, not in a restaurant.
Coffee in front of you, you dip the rock candy in a hot cup of coffee, eventually you melt so much of it into the coffee, it becomes too sweet.
To the point where you can no longer taste the coffee, only the candy.

Lasts 8-9 hours on my skin, so the longevity is quite good, I just cant imagine smelling like this in too many situations outside the house.
It may appeal more to women with the sticky candy accord.

The concept is somewhat similar to Givenchy Play Intense.

Like many other Manceras and Montales I’ve tested, this one falls short.

  • 4.5/10
    Fragrance - 4.5/10
  • 8/10
    Performance - 8/10


Sticky candy and sheer coffee note just doesnt work. Simplistic and seems unfinished. Poor form.

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