Lubin Itasca

Itasca by Lubin is a perfect example of how a careful selection of notes leads to a masterful composition.

It starts out very bright with a sparkling green juniper berry accord and a yellow flower.
You can envision a walking through a meadow before entering a forest’s edge..

There is a pine like resinous quality that starts to come forward with a prickly green fur tree.
You’re entering the forest now, walking by rows and rows of evergreen trees, there are remnant mounds of snow around, but the path is clear.
Where is it leading?

Continuing on the trail, there is an infusion of incense and slightly foody clove and cooking spices like nutmeg.
As you walk, its clear you are approaching a camp, and Algonquin tribe perhaps?

As you approach the campsite, you see the party has already started, with the incense and tree limbs burning at the center of a circle.

This is pretty much where the story ends, with the rooty, sparkling vetiver becoming more and more prevalent.
Eventually, the vetiver gets sweeter with the pine note mingling for a very long time. A smooth musk provides a roundness to it all.

Overall this is an amazing fragrance to wear that evokes a sense of adventure without veering off the path.

With the story line above, you would think this scent is geared more toward formal, but it isnt, really.
Its quite versatile, meant for cold air but probably would fair pretty well in slightly warmer but not hot situations.
Work safe, casual and semi-formal situations are OK with this scent, maybe not a tuxedo.

Day or night, this is a winner and in a class of its own.

Longevity is consistently 8 hours on my skin with only 2 sprays from the fine misting stock atomizer.
All the knobs are tuned just right with this one.

Itasca is everything I wanted the original Polo to be, and more.
If you enjoy the original Cosmair formulation of Polo and would like something a little more subtle and modern give this one a try.
For a greener, sharper version of this try Lubin’s Le Vetiver, its all vetiver without the sweetness from the pine and juniper berries.




  • 8.5/10
    Fragrance - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Performance - 9/10


Itasca is a shining example of how high we can reach with time and attention to detail. A long evolving story based on a trek through inhabited woods. Unisex due to the soft touch, likely preferred by men.

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