Carolina Herrera CH Men Grand Tour

This scent takes you on a journey, from sweet good byes to warm, new beginnings.

The opening is a unique combination of what smells like cherry Luden’s cough drops, a tea like note in the background.
The cough drops note could be a candied cinnamon without excessive spicy heat, to me it smells more like cherries than cinnamon.
This lasts for about 15 minutes.
The cherry like note hangs on for a while but the wood note of mahogany comes in and combines with the sweetness.

In the mid, the soft suede note comes in to join the wood in the 30 minute range.
Projection at this point is still very strong, its bright, sweet, yet has an inviting side to it.
The incense seems to appear in the mid more than the opening, as a smoky essence, a minor note.
The suede is the star of the show, it melds in with the sweet, slightly smoky essence of the incense to create something special.

Its smooth, as if you ran your hand down a suede couch, but has some depth with the incense.
The woody note of mahogany keeps it interesting, and smells of wealth.
Think of touring with a stately anthropologist on a touring train, not with uncle Bob on Amtrak.
The luggage is expensive, framed with mahogany, lined with a light tan suede.

The base shows up around hour 6 with mostly smooth suede and a granulated wood of mahogany.
After about 10 hours it smells similar to tonka bean, but a bit more granulated.

A good date scent, targeted for colder weather.

Iffy for office environments as only 1 spray radiates for a long time. Hours.
Very noticeable after 18+ hours even if sprayed under a shirt.
Olfactory fatigue will happen with over application, so sprays should be used with caution.

Unexpectedly solid, should be popular with the 25+ crowd.

  • 6.5/10
    Fragrance - 6.5/10
  • 8.5/10
    Performance - 8.5/10


Somewhat interesting, sweet and woody fragrance.
Plus performance.

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