Mancera – Wind Wood

This one is outside the box considering the unisex nature of most Mancera creations.
It certainly is masculine.

Opens with peppery, juicy mandarin note. The mandarin is similar to that of Mont Blanc Exceptionnel’s.
I get a greenness here as well, aldehydes?
I get a sense of violet creeping in shortly after the opening, about 1 minute in.
The violet note is similar to Dsquared2’s Rocky Mountain Wood.
The violet starts to meld with a cedar note, and a slightly prickly oak moss.
No too much vetiver after a few minutes, no leather detected either.

After about 5 minutes the earthly vetiver note starts to kick in.
This scent starts to transit to a very airy, outdoor feeling to it.
The cedar note comes out from the background to join the violet and vetiver.

After 30 minutes, the violet starts to fade, then its a vetiver and cedar dance.
There’s that sweetened Mancera musk again…

Late dry down after 6 hours is a vetiver skin scent with a little of the musk left over to smooth it over a little.
Its still a vetiver you’ve smelled before.

Outdoors, on a nice day with a light breeze. The forest is very much alive, not quite dry.
This isnt the forest floor, or a damp log, but it is a bit dewy from the musk

Longevity is OK around 6-8 hours.

I cant recommend this one for the price. Its just too similar to DSquared2’s Rocky Mountain Wood.

$45 vs. $160. Save your hard earned money, there isnt a significant difference between the two scents.
Wind Wood is a little bit more vetiver with the cedar. Rocky Mountain wood is more violet with the cedar.
It has a “classic” feel to it. If you enjoy classic wood scents from the 70s and 80s, you’ll probably appreciate this one more than me.

  • 4.5/10
    Fragrance - 4.5/10
  • 6/10
    Performance - 6/10


A weak attempt at a fresh, woody fragrance.
Nothing special, done before at a lower price point.
See: DSquared2 Rocky Mountain Wood.

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