Odori Iris

Odori Iris sounds nice, but the composition smells as simple as the notes imply.

From Odori:

Iris one of the symbols of Florence, a delicate flower, courier of spring. It was chosen as the symbol of the Republic of Florence in Medieval times. This beautiful, elegant flower has to dry over 1000 days, in order to produce fragrant extract.

Starting out, its seems like something isnt quite right with this.
Its sweet, smelling like a purple or blue hued, plastic covered flower.

Pretty feminine to start, the blue hues smell more like lilac than iris or heliotrope.
There is a small, dewy green streak as well from what I perceive as violet leaf.
If you’ve ever snapped an iris plant at the stalk, it has this greeness, and the white iris flower has a sweet muskiness.
In the base it continues on the sweet trek with marzipan, vanilla and amber.
To me it smells frosted, like vanilla buttercream frosting with a bit of wood from cedar.

While its name states “Iris” I dont get much, if any typical “orris root” iris.
Thinking the green sweetness at the top is the embodiment of iris is a stretch.

This base is not unlike another fragrance’s in this line by the name of Spigo, which, while also simple, is a bit more cohesive.
Women would likely appreciate Odori Iris more than men, but I cant see why someone would fork over a premium for nothing more than an amber vanilla with a few interesting top notes.

Average performance. Meh.

Here’s one thats significantly better in the vein of this Odori: Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier’s Iris Bleu Gris.

Ratings $210/100ml
  • 3.5/10
    Fragrance - 3.5/10
  • 4.5/10
    Performance - 4.5/10


This is a niche product line filler with a high price tag.
Galardi should have stopped with Tabacco, Cuoio, Gli Odori and Spigo and called it a line.
This fragrance is so simple, considering the price, its disrespectful.

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