Dior Homme 2020

We went to see a comic (Vic DiBitetto) at the mall tonight and it wasnt just the show that gave me a good laugh. Since I was at the mall, why not chase down the latest Dior Homme everyone is ranting (less raving) about, how bad could it be?

I half cared to find it, and actually walked past it behind the counter because the cap was missing, but there was no naming on the bottle.
I asked the fragrance counter girl if they had the “New Dior Homme”, almost cringing if she were to say yes. The response was “I think so, it should be out.” Even she didnt know. I went on, not caring much, but went down the escalator again and re-entered, waiving her over. She goes to grab Sauvage “This?”. “Nope. Up. Left.” as if i’m directing her to the Shakespearean conclusion of the line. “Yep, that one.” I smell the capless tester, no name on it to protect the innocent. “Smells nothing like the original, this must be it.” Sprayed on skin and on a card.

Tragic. “So, what do you think of it on skin?” she asks. “Smells nothing like the original.” I replied pretty quickly. She says “Yep. I prefer the original.” I go for another whiff. “It lacks character.” She replies “Unlike the original.” She must have a good nose. I thanked her and went on my way.

I went on smelling this for quite some time walking out to the car, wondering to myself: How could any self respecting perfumer thats associating him/herself with the Dior Homme line and put out something like this, with the same name and feel good about themselves? I still couldnt figure out what all the pieces were to this until I got home, writing this review now, 3 hours later.

What is it? Its an amalgamation of everything thats wrong about modern perfumery on the factory scale. Very few risks and it all seems to be geared toward offending only those that remember when perfumes were charming and creative.

This woody, fresh sham starts out toxic fresh, then quickly turns into a silver coated, shimmering piece of the most generic wood you could imagine with a whiff of smoke from the money you just burned buying this.

Its like Francois Demachy took all the generic pieces from mainstream modern men’s designers like Bleu de Chanel (aquatic & smoke), Sauvage (abrasive Ambroxan) and then try to get cute mixing in a shimmering metallic grapefruit-like Javanol from Escentric 04.

I’ll be making a list of those that approve of this bastardization of the Dior Homme line and writing off their opinions until I forget about how awful this is.

I’m buying a 150ml bottle of the original EDT now. Money well spent.

"I'm your man. The least interesting man in the world."
  • 2/10
    Fragrance - 2/10
  • 8/10
    Performance - 8/10


The original was effortless elegance, this “Le Nouveau Parfum” is nothing new, its a lack of effort.
If you have any self respect at all, avoid this. 
Buying it sends a message to Dior that this type of “Nouveau trash” is acceptable. We deserve better.

Overall it deserves a 2, unfortunately it lasts. 

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