Frapin – L’Humaniste

L`Humaniste by Frapin & Co is a great summer fragrance with a couple of shortcomings.

It starts out with a very vibrant lemon note, very similar to that of Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche without the creamy finish.
There is a sweet, musky undertone here reminiscent of Abercombie & Fitch’s Fierce.
I think this similarity comes from the “Gin” and “Juniper Berries” in the scent pyramid.

These junpier berries offer only a sweet tone to the musk, and not much in the way of a piney sweetness like Lubin’s Itasca.
I’ve smelled gin, and im not getting that here at all, this concoction is very smooth, unlike a Beefeater and Tonic.

Enough about comparisons, how does this one fair?
Its pretty good, but its also the highest price product of 2 other scents I mentioned above.
I cant say this one will end up in my collection with the premium price for a concept thats been done many times over.

Its execution is very good, its likable, and will please most people that smell or wear it.
It lasts a reasonable 6 hours for a summer fragrance, and stays relatively close during the majority of its life.
Easy to wear.

Picturesque sunny afternoon in the backyard, its a bit humid, someone has just handed you a lemon Italian Ice with a sparkling sweet drink next to you, sitting in your Adirondack chair, the shady coolness from the tree above offers relief.
Its a good day.

  • 5/10
    Fragrance - 5/10
  • 4/10
    Performance - 4/10


The epitome of likable and nice but L’Humaniste is not nearly interesting enough to justify the price tag. A weak performer and a simplistic base sinks it into the 50 feet of crap on the market.

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