Lalique White

I’ve been wearing Lalique White for a while now, and really enjoy it.
What can I say, its easy to like!

This is a very mass market friendly scent, yet, it really hasnt made a big splash on the mass market.
Relatively unknown to most, this one should be owned by most fragrance connoisseurs with more than 10 bottles in their collection.

This one starts out with a pretty bracing lemon leaf note, its a different take on a citrus opening, offering more greenness than a citrus blast.
This gives way to a peppery and nutty tamarind note.
The best way I can describe the tamarind in this is it gives the scent a flaky texture similar to that of a sugar wafer without the sweetness.
The pepper is very light and enjoyable, not overbearing in this one, it gives the scent an edge for the first few hours.

This scent is a welcomed change of pace from other summer scents which usually focus on the fruit part of citrus, sugars, water notes.
Lalique White has none of these, but still maintains a lightness that makes it easy to wear when the weather is warm, spring, summer and early fall.
Appropriate for days or evenings out, you’ll be noticed by those close to you for the first 4 hours with a few sprays.

Its unique within its own genre.

Performance in terms of longevity is its only limitation. I get about 5-6 hours from 4 sprays to the neck.
To improve performance, I recommend spraying more than 1 spray on the same spot to increase the amount of fragrance oil in the area after the alcohol evaporates.

A tremendous value, and an easy buy for those looking for a causal change of pace from the usual summer citruses.

Easy buy with little chance of regret unless your only criteria is longevity.

  • 8.5/10
    Fragrance - 8.5/10
  • 5/10
    Performance - 5/10


While light on the longevity Lalique White delivers a unique summer fragrance in a big way without the cheesy aquatics or citrus.

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