Etienne Aigner In Leather Suede Edition Man

This on conjures up memories of department store shopping in the leather jackets section.

Start out sharply citric for a few minutes before the suede comes to the front with a cedar backdrop with some spices like a very dry, powdered nutmeg.

This reminds me of a clean, new white suede jacket sitting on a department store rack, sterile filtered air (musk), and the jacket is sitting on hangars with a cedar plank hang up you put in your closets to prevent moths.

Its simple and unisex in my opinion.
It takes a unisex suede note and makes it masculine with the cedar.

It could serve someone well in the office, and casual. It seems to be fairly linear beyond 30 minutes.
Its very persistent, and the longevity is on the high side. I’ve had this last into the next day in a noticeable way.

Projection is above average for many hours, but its not thick or overly loud.

Good! I just wish there was a little more to it to make the above average performance worth it.

Bottle Note: The bottle has a nice touch of suede on the plastic cap. Overall the bottle is substantial in size.

  • 4/10
    Fragrance - 4/10
  • 7.5/10
    Performance - 7.5/10


Ozonic, musky suede with cedar. A simple story but not all that riveting despite the good performance.

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