Monotheme Black Label Leather


A Tom Ford Tuscan Leather styled fragrance at an honest price.

Its the same glassy smooth resinous Suederal leather with a sweet, fruity overtone.

Like putting your nose in a leather lined mason jar that once held a Denny’s berry jam spead.

Its an echo of fruitiness rather than the juicy fruit itself.

Some call it raspberry, but raspberries have a tartness to them to balance the sweetness. This is purely sweet.

The difference? Price and small details.

Monotheme lacks the ashy note of Tuscan Leather instead its a generic cedar and musk finish.
It performance is more on the average side lacking the Ford’s obnoxious longevity and projection.
With Tuscan Leather the ashy note becomes an ice pick to the forehead after a few hours in my experience.

Monotheme’s version is worth a try for sure if you’re not willing to make the investment in Tuscan Leather.

More reserved and nuanced with different materials when compared to the Ford offering.

Imported @ $45 for 100ml.

A safe blind buy for those seeking a good leather at a more than fair price, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

  • 6/10
    Fragrance - 6.0/10
  • 6.5/10
    Performance - 6.5/10


A woody, fruity, Suederal styled leather that offers an affordable, reserved alternative to Tom Ford’s Tuscan Leather.

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