Francesco Smalto Fullchoke

This one is quite unique.
The first few minutes are quite sweet, with sparkling generic fruit notes.
If you pressed me to say which fruit I would say its an almost ripe honeydew melon.
Once it settles in I smell something like the flint that is in the background of Terre d’Hermes, less wet however.

“Keep your powder dry.”

After 30 minutes, the flint/gunpowder becomes pretty prominent, and mixes with the almost ripe melon note and a bit of teak wood presented like Trussardi Inside.

It has an aura of a smoldering firearm with a freshly struck flint. For those that havent had the experience of shooting a firearm, closest I could say it comes to is a freshly shorted out electronic device. Ozonic.

After 2.5 hours, the grainy, rough flint note has smoothed out into a glossy, wood & metallic musk.
Its the rifle, the stock after its been cleaned up.
Its quite an abstract concept thats surprisingly wearable.
This stuff is good. One spray does project an arms length.

4 hours in, still going. Drove to the supermarket with the 1 spray, the car was a little warm inside, and it reignited the gunpowder note.
It projects quite a bit with only a little bit of heat, so I could see this being a beast in the summer or a nice mellow scent in the cool months.

There is a light vanilla note peeking thru after 5-6 hours.
The metallic note is fading a bit and its warming up more.

I think those that enjoy Bvlgari Black will enjoy the urban, industrial feel to this one.
Its slightly sweet from the teak wood and musk, unlike Bvlgari Black’s car air freshener vanilla note.
It still has the same feel but much more masculine. The metallic note is cold, and unique.

Its a pretty interesting fragrance thats received juvenile attention for the bottle design, but the juice inside is worth considering.

  • 8/10
    Fragrance - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Performance - 6/10


An urban delight leaning toward the masculine side.
Colonial minutemen walking through the streets of a post-2000 metropolis.

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