M. Micallef Royal Vintage

From M. Micallef:

Royal Vintage is an exceptional perfume for men’s refined elegance and timeless. It offers a very subtle fragrance: introduced by a tonic scent of pink berries and bergamot, affirmed by notes of the cypress and the patchouli rounded by the softness of leather and musk.

There is it, *POOF*, right off the bat, it smells like the often replicated, Aventus, with its bubbly bergamot and birch.

It hovers around this similarity for a little bit, about 30 minutes, but there is something not quite the same that wriggles out.
There is a medicinal, melted plastic note running between it all.
Quite a bit of roughness from a woody amber and the harshness of Pine-Sol.

A very off kilter, weird and falls apart pretty quick.
Its all over the place it settles into a rough, woody ambery for hours as the dry down.
Its one dimensional in the base with a droning norlimbanol and ambroxan mix.

Royal Vintage overall is huffy, smells like exhaust fumes in the sillage. Definitely not a smooth operator.
The next morning it ends with a light, sweet, musky, smooth ambergris.

Its easy to see through this unnecessary and uninspiring release. Its an attempt to ride the coat tails of something popular.
At least Aventus is a mall scent with some interesting bits thrown in, this is just junk.

Ratings $235/100ml
  • 2.5/10
    Fragrance - 2.5/10
  • 4/10
    Performance - 4/10


The fruity, woody amber accord in Royal Vintage has been repeated so many times now, its bordering on cliche.
Aventus is officially a virus on the market. It’s cheap, ambery, “mall scent” accord seems to infect every house.

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