Mancera Cedrat Boise

Certainly you’ve heard the comparison to that “other” niche scent out there.
The opening, Black Currant is there, there are some rough textured spices there as well.
It feels a bit prickly or tart but smooths out some after a minute or so.
Lemon starts to take over, its very bright and sweetened with a veil of powdered sugar.

The jasmine creeps into the composition after a few minutes and some sweet fruits like dried peaches or apricots are detected.

Toward the dry down, you will catch the presence of a musky cedar. Weathered and old.
A prominent musk is in many Mancera compositions, and rounds things out nicely.

Cedrat Boise is a very smooth and soft scent after 5 minutes where Aventus is more tart, edgy and rough even after 8 hours.
I think this is from CB’s Jasmine smoothing it out a bit to start and the musk finishing the job. The Birch from Aventus keeps it smoky, edgy, more masculine.

I wouldnt call this one unisex, but between the 2, a woman would find CB more suitable since it is smoother, more floral and sweeter.
I can be quite sweet at times, especially in the mid.

This is a nice one, and a pretty good substitute for Creed’s Aventus, especially for the price, but there is a little bit of “cheapness” with this one.
It can be prickly at times, a bit like hairspray. Aventus has more definition with its notes.
I have tried both of these, not side by side, but the difference between the 2 is definitely noticeable.

Longevity is fairly good, which is expected with an EDP concentration.

Sweetened black currant and lemon verbena tarts, on a wood table, scattered with flowers.
Imagine the sun is out. There, you have it.

  • 7.5/10
    Fragrance - 7.5/10
  • 7/10
    Performance - 7/10


If some hairspray harshness doesnt deter you, give this one a try if you enjoy a sharp, woody, citrus fragrance.

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