Mancera – Lemon Line

This fragrance is pretty simple.

Starts out with a blast of sparkling lemon, you could mistake it for Pledge without the chemical aerosols, more like 1 hour old Pledge on furniture.

If I didnt identify it with Pledge, I would say it smells like a fresh lemon, picked in the sun, with a bit of lemon leaf.

It smooths out more from the musk and I get the ever so slight hint of a Terre d’ Hermes orange like note, but its very distant, barely detectable.
As the dry down ages, the musk starts to overpower the lemon note. The musk is similar to that of Creed’s Royal Water. White, edgy.

Its versatility is limited to summer days, OK for work, but it may be too casual for that unless its an outdoor company picnic.

Its nice, but for the price, not worth your pennies unless you are a Mancera collector.

Longevity is OK, 5-6 hours, again not up to par for the price.

  • 5/10
    Fragrance - 5/10
  • 4/10
    Performance - 4/10


If money is no object, its a nice lemon.
Could be a good substitute to another overpriced and sterilized citrus in Frapin’s L’Humaniste.

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