BOIS 1920 Oro Nero

I blind bought this, the bottle is amazing. Matte black, fine, smooth finish with a rough gold flake coated cap.

This fragrance has nothing to do with the original Oro 1920, im not sure why there is a shared name.

The original Oro in the gold bottle is Suederal leather with character and refinement.
Oro Nero is a woody oriental with an eastern flare.

Starts out spicy, smoky and smelling of dried tobacco from a combination of the saffron, cloves and I can smell some opoponax in this one still with its sweet, powdery nuances.

It is a sweet finish from smooth sandalwood with vanilla and a touch of ambery resins.
Teasing whiffs of Guerlainade, its a golden swirl of sweet spiciness. Guerlainade with buttercream frosting.
Unfortunately no leather element though, that would have been an interesting addition.

If anything I would say this one borrows slightly from Galardi’s BOIS 1920 Dolce Di Giorno and Costume National Homme.
Another relationship is with Amouage’s Jubilation XXV for Men due to the opoponax, but not as prickly, sweeter, smoother.

A little too simple in the end as its complexity is lost in the base and it falls a little flat.
I still would imagine it would be stunning on either a man or woman with a foot of snow on the ground.

I would have liked to see something a little darker, maybe more smoky considering the name “Black Gold”.
Its balance definitely skews sweet after a short time, nearly confectionery after only a few hours.

The performance is spot on, Galardi nailed that part.
Long lasting, just enough projection where a passer by would get a whiff.
Even the atomizer smells strongly of it even weeks after spraying. High quality stuff.

A solid offering from BOIS 1920 even if the pricing on this one is downright criminal.

  • 7/10
    Fragrance - 7/10
  • 9/10
    Performance - 9/10


Oro Nero is a golden swirl of spices and woods.
Intoxicating and delectable, but quite sweet in the end.
This one is a marathon runner. Worth a sample.

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