Caron The Third Man

This one caught me completely off guard.
A cheap add-in to an order turns into an eye opening first impression.

It starts out with a classic, musty/tart combination of bergamot and Amalfi lemon with a whirling dervish of complexity hiding underneath.

Quickly, I pick up on cloves, they’re warm and dry, but have a ton of energy!
Like someone lit a sparkler of cloves at a holiday gathering, the combination of tart citrus and cloves is intoxicating.

After a few more minutes, it settles down and fills in more with Jasmine which gives it a dirty and soft touch. With a little Geranium soapiness.

Oak moss gives it a smoky backdrop and some crunchy, dry vetiver makes up a good chunk of the base with a delicate touch of sweet tonka.

There is something in this composition that gives it a chewy, near unctuous touch.
Tough to describe it, but I think the indolic part of the Jasmine is playing a role in that.

To me this smells like a warm embrace in the winter with a friend you haven’t seen in a very long time.

So, what is this thing? Fougere? Woody Aromatic? Woody spicy?

Its tough to pin down. Whatever it is, 125ml for under $30, its worth owning for anyone that appreciates warm subtlety with unique complexity.

8 hours longevity, settles in to an arm’s length of gentlemanly projection.

Rating $30/125ml
  • 9/10
    Fragrance - 9/10
  • 8.5/10
    Performance - 8.5/10


Explosive cloves with a smoky, woody, earthy base and jasmine petals filling in the gaps.
A stunning, timeless (maybe not ageless) composition worthy of every man’s cool weather cabinet.

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